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Our story

The human body is a complex system, It incorporates a variety of mechanisms that work together in to keep it operating efficiently. However, there are occasions where the human body is susceptible to damage. For instance, HIV which weakens the immune system and causes muscular wasting. Very little has been accomplished in tackling these symptoms therefore having a negative impact on the lifestyle of many. 

Phlex Labs has looked at these issues with a unique perspective. After researching methods both old and new, we established ourselves in the UK. We began with stocking SARMs, a promising class of compounds used to induce anabolic responses. Currently, we are working hard to bring other research chemicals to market. 

Working together with respectable suppliers, we engineered high-quality pharmaceutical grade products. We aspire for our products to be known and admired by researchers worldwide. 

What we Promise You


A High-Purity Product

Our audited & certified manufacturers have been established for over 5 years in their respective industries. They follow strict manufacturing procedures and international standards such as ISO9001. 

All products have been tested extensively with high-precision methods such as HPLC to assure high-purity. The clean, safe and efficient process guarantees our products to be free from any contaminants. 

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Fast Delivery

We have a close connection with our delivery partners. As a result, we are able to provide fast, cheap shipping to our customers worldwide.

Call centre

24/7 Assistance

We are always available if you have any questions regarding our products. You can get in touch through our social media platforms, our chat function or via the Contact Us page.

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