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Ibutamoren (MK677) – 15mg/60 Capsules


  • Increase Muscle Mass – Showed an increase in fat-free (Svensson, et al., 1998)
  • Prevent Muscle Loss – Able to reverse diet-induced catabolism (Murphy, et al., 1998)
  • Better Brain Function – IGF-1 can improve memory (Aleman, et al., 1999)
  • Improve Sleep Quality – Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep duration was increased (Copinschi, et al., 1997)

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What is Ibutamoren?

Ibutamoren, MK-677 or Nutrabol is a Research Chemical that has increased in popularity within the world medical and bodybuilding world. It’s classification as a Growth Hormone Secretagogue means it promotes the release of Growth Horomone, primarily IGF-1.  As a result, the creators, Reverse Pharmacology, are investigating it as a potential treatment for Growth Hormone Deficiency. This condition can often stunt growth in children and cause frailty in the elderly. Currently, Ibutamoren is in the pre-clinical testing phase. However, experimental use of the chemical have produced very promising results. 

Benefits of Ibutamoren

Ibutamoren is used for a variety of purposes but the benefits are clearly evident when trying to increase Lean Body Mass. The fitness community often refer to this as “bulking cycle”. By increasing IGF-1, users can effectively build muscle while dropping body fat. Some of the noticeable advantages of Nutrabol are as follows:

  • Promotes fat loss and muscle preservation simultaneously.
  • Enhances bone mineral density thus preventing risk of fractures during training.
  • Improves sleep quality therefore accelerating recovery time after exercise.
  • Better cognitive function can help with stress management resulting in better workout sessions.
  • Individuals can eat more due to the increased appetite.

By combining the appetite effects along with IGF-1 secretion, anecdotal reports of Ibutamoren have shown users to pack on lean body mass. When trying to put on healthy weight, bodybuilders struggle to eat more calories. However, Ibutamoren naturally increases the appetite allowing individuals to eat more protein in their diet. Additionally, IGF-1 encourages calcium absorption and protein synthesis consequently resulting in stronger bones and denser muscle.

Nevertheless, benefits of Ibutamoren can differ from subject-to-subject. Dosage, experience, and lifestyle habits play a major role in getting the most out of Nutrabol. By following an optimal diet and workout routine, advantages of Mk-677 will become more prominent. As it has a completely different method of operation, MK-677 is often combined with SARMs to amplify its muscle building properties. For example, combining Ibutamoren with strong SARMs such as Ligandrol, Testolone, Andarine or S23 can help to rapidly increase muscle mass.

Results of Ibutamoren in Trials

Predominantly, trials of Ibutamoren have focused on prominent medical issues such as Growth Hormone Deficiency, Fibromyalgia, Aging & Osteoperosis. For example, various clinical trials of MK-677 have shown improvements in Lean Body Mass (LBM), muscular strength & Bone Mineral Density. An overview of the results of the clinical trials involving Ibutamoren are as follows:

  • In a double-blind trial, MK-677 supplementation resulted in an increase in Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) (Chapman et al., 1996).
  • Ibutamoren reversed diet-induced catabolism in subjects on a calorically restricted diet (Murphy et al., 1998). Nitrogen is a building block in protein synthesis. Having a positive nitrogen balance promotes growth.
  • Nutrabol significantly increased Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) & Fat-Free Mass in obese subjects. Furthermore, subjects experienced a 40% increase in serum IGF-1 compared to placebo (Svensson et al., 1998).
  • Treatment with Ibutamoren significantly increased the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase of sleep in young and elderly subjects (Copinschi et al., 1997).  The REM phase is attributed to improving sleep quality, memory and recovery. Additionally, vivid dreams are common with an longer REM phase.
  • A 2001 study by Murphy et al., showed Nutrabol to induce an anabolic effect in postmenopausal osteoporotic females.
  • MK-677 supplementation resulted in a massive 60.1% increase in serum IGF-1 over 6 weeks and 72.9% increase over 12 months (Sevigny et al., 2008).
  • Ibutamoren administration stimulated bone turnover in elderly patients (Murphy et al., 2009).
  • MK-677 resulted in remarkable increases in exercise performance (Shi et al., 2003).
  • Cognitive functioning improved via Nutrabol supplementation. Additionally, a 7.4% reduction in body fat was observed (Baker et al., 2012).

Most importantly, subjects tolerated MK-677 well with adverse effects being almost non-existent.

Dosages of Ibutamoren

Dosages of Nutrabol can be dependent upon a range of factors such as age, body type and goals. From clinical trials and anecdotal reports, the sweet spot for this chemical seems to be within the 15mg – 30mg range. Most clinical trials have chosen the 25mg to be preferable dosage for both males and females. However, for first time users, it is better to assess the response from 1 capsule and then increase to 2 accordingly. Mk-677’s half life is approximately 24 hours or 1 day therefore 1 capsule a day is sufficient. Nevertheless, users can split dosages to 1 in the morning and 1 at night to keep Ibutamoren levels elevated within the body.

How Does Ibutamoren Work?

Unlike conventional SARMs, ibutamoren has a unique method to help users increase bone density, muscle mass and strength. MK-677 is a Growth Hormone Secretagogue, a class of compounds which promote the release of Growth Hormone (GH) within the human body. GH works alongside multiple other mechanisms to stimulate growth of human body. MK-677 is designed to mimic the shape of Ghrelin, an agonist for the ghrelin/growth hormone secretagogue receptor. Commonly referred to as the “hunger hormone”, Ghrelin promotes food intake. However, it also increase the release of Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1).

IGF-1 plays an important role in childhood growth as it aids in bone and muscle growth as well as increasing metabolism. Nonetheless, when the body has completed growing, IGF-1 levels reduce significantly and remain relatively low throughout adulthood. For individuals who are growth hormone deficient, low IGF-1 levels can translate to obesity, brittle bones, decrease in muscle bulk and strength. As a result, Ibutamoren was developed to help individuals to naturally increase levels of IGF-1.


References to clinical trials and human use are for general information and to provide an overview of this chemical. Do not replicate under any circumstances.

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