Ostarine (MK2866) - 15mg/60…

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Ostarine (MK2866) – 15mg/60 Capsules

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  • Increase Muscle Mass – Showed significant lean muscle mass increase  (Evans et al., 2007)
  • Increased Fat Loss -Improved fat loss after 84 days (Dalton et al, 2008)
  • Improved Bone Strength – Helps to stimulate bone formation (Furuya, 2011)

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What is Ostarine?

Ostarine is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) also known as MK-2866, S-22, and Enobosarm. Invented by GTx, a pharmaceutical company, MK2866 underwent trials between 2005 and 2014. It’s primary purpose was to treat muscle wasting due to diseases such as cancer and HIV. Ostarine is one of the most popular SARMs used by athletes and bodybuilders. This is due to it’s effectiveness when working to build lean muscles and to improve strength. Furthermore, comparing to anabolic steroids, testosterone suppression is minimal. Stacking Ostarine with other supplements such as Cardarine can remarkably improve results.

Benefits of Ostarine

Ostarine has a wide range of benefits and is excellent for building and sustaining muscle. For those who are using it for medicinal purposes, MK2866 is excellent for healing bones and preserving muscle. Furthermore, it has the ability to prevent muscle atrophy that is associated with ageing, disease and malnutrition. 

Ostarine is often a go-to substance for athletes as it has various effects which help to enhance performance. Here are a few of the most commonly lauded benefits of this chemical:

      • Simultaneously, Enobosarm promotes fat loss and preserves muscle. 
      • MK-2866 supports heart health thus improving endurance and prolonging stamina.
      • Enobosarm encourages the retention of nitrogen improving cell replication.
      • Ostarine can boost strength and help you push through plateaus in training.
      • Accelerated bone and muscle healing reduces recovery time from injuries and soreness after workouts.

Benefits of Ostarine can vary from subject-to-subject. Dosage, cycling, and experience can significantly affect this. To enhance the benefits of Enobosarm, an optimal diet and workout routine should be followed. Overall, healthy lifestyle habits will make the benefits of this substance more pronounced. 

Results of Ostarine in Trials

Primarily, the focus of research has been on treating symptoms of cancer such as muscle atrophy. For instance, clinical trials involving the SARM have shown increases in Lean Body Mass (LBM), physical functioning and muscular strength. A summary of the results of the clinical trials involving Ostarine are as as follows:

  • In a phase II trial, a group supplementing Enobosarm noticed a considerable increase in LBM when compared to placebo (Dobs et al., 2013).
  • GTx-024 induced an anabolic response in androgen-sensitive muscle (Dubois, 2015).
  • MK-2866 increased Lipolysis and decreased Lipogenesis in adipose (fat) tissue (Leciejewska et al., 2019)
  • Ostarine reduced rate of Body Mass (BM) declination in Non-Small Lung Cancer patients while increasing LBM (Crawford et al., 2014).
  • In a 12-week double blind study, the group taking Ostarine had a reduced Fat Mass while increasing LBM (Dalton et al., 2011).
  • GTx-024 supplementation resulted in the improvement of stair climbing power and increased LBM (Steiner et al., 2011).

Furthermore, anecdotal reports have described that users have experienced an increase in muscle mass and improvements in muscular strength. For individuals using Enobosarm for bodybuilding purposes, users have reported increases in Bench Press, Squat and other compound exercises. Additionally, users have documented fuller, leaner and more muscular physiques after using Ostarine.  As a result, it has become a favourable substance amongst athletes.

Dosages of Ostarine

Cycles of Enobosarm have varied in clinical trials. However, an educated judgement renders 12 weeks for men and between six to eight weeks for women to be effective. Dosages have also differed in trials and testing. Based on anecdotal reports and studies, dosage ranging from 3mg – 30mg for men and 3-15mg for women are ideal. Due to this being an experimental substance, the perfect dosage remains unknown. Dosage increases should be based on observations of effects.  Additionally, MK-2866 has a half-life of 24 hours therefore dosages such be split accordingly i.e. 1 morning / 1 night. Commonly, users have stacked Ostarine with other substances to improve its beneficial properties. For instance, a good stack for burning fat includes Ostarine, Cardarine & Ibutamoren.

How Does Ostarine Work?

Essentially, Ostarine is a ligand for Androgen Receptors (AR) within the body. Endogenous androgens include hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotesterone. These hormones are responsible for the evaluation of male characteristics within the human body. They also play a vital role in bone and muscle development. SARMs such as Ostarine are designed to specifically target the AR’s within the bone and muscle. Upon binding, it triggers an anabolic response within the body which ultimately causes the muscle to grow. The specific nature of Enobosarm reduces the androgenic response which occurs with anabolic steroids. When muscle building and physical performance are concerned, an androgenic response is unfavourable and causes many side effects such as hair loss, acne and gynecomastia (development of breasts in males).


References to clinical trials and human use are for general information and to provide an overview of this chemical. Do not replicate under any circumstances.

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