S23 - 15mg/60 Capsules


S23 – 15mg/60 Capsules


  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass – Cell studies showed strong bonds with androgen receptors. (Jones A, et al., 2009).
  • Retain Muscle Mass  –  S-23 inhibited muscle loss (Jones et al., 2010).
  • Decrease Fat Mass– Subjects experienced a decrease in fat mass. (Jones A, et al., 2009).

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What is S23?

S23 is a SARM with with an extreme potency hence many liking it’s properties to that of steroids. Created by GTx, the same company behind the famous Ostarine. It is considerably stronger than other SARMs such as Ostarine and Andarine. As a result, experienced bodybuilders and weightlifters use S-23 to produce similar results as steroids without too many side effects. It is best when looking to make lean muscle gains while also reducing the rate of muscle loss. It can also increase bone health and expedite fat loss. 

Benefits of S23

Benefits of S-23 arise as a result of it’s strong affinity binding to androgen receptors. Due to this, the anabolic to androgenic ratio is increased significantly. Having a higher anabolic-to-androgenic ratio means that the muscle preserving properties of S-23 are amplified.  Bodybuilders resort to S-23 to get in their best shape possible before competitions. Some of the main benefits of this SARM are as follows:

  • Considerable increase of lean muscle mass.
  • Strengthened bones through increase bone density.
  • Reduces fat composition while increasing lean body mass.
  • Improved muscle endurance.

S-23 is the optimal SARM for bodybuilding purposes as it’s strength is unrivalled. For individuals looking to compete, S-23 is a viable oral alternative to steroids. It’s bioavailablity is high therefore it’s effects can be felt at relatively low doses when compared to other SARMs.

Results of S23 in Trials

A great deal of research is being done on this SARM currently as it is quite new to the market. The research is revolving around using this chemical as a possible male contraceptive. A summary of the current research on this SARM are as follows:

  • Researchers observed a noticeable gain in lean mass and muscle density with a reduction in fat mass (Jones et al., 2009).
  • S-23 attenuated muscle atrophy in subjects through phosphorylation of FoxO (Jones et al., 2010).

A lot of information regarding this SARM come from anecdotal reports. Many have voiced their praises of S-23 saying it has boosted strength and helped them to achieve new personal records.

Dosages of S23

For experienced bodybuilders, the dosage of vary from between 10mg to 30mg. Due to S-23 being extremely potent, it is not recommended for individuals who have no experience with SARMs. This SARM can be extremely repressive on natural testosterone therefore it should be paired with a TRT base to nullify its suppressible properties. The half-life of S-23 is about 12 hours so dosages can be split throughout the day to maintain levels inside the body. A cycle often lasts 8 weeks and should be followed up by a 4-8 week break to increase free testosterone levels back to normal.

Being a strong SARM, the muscle building effects of S-23 can be amplified by using MK-677. This stack is incredibly for gaining lean muscle mass quickly while simultaneously dropping body fat. Of course, for S23 to be effective, it has to be paired with other positive lifestyle decisions. It is not a silver bullet, and can not function at its maximum capacity without other habits. For instance, when using the SARM for cutting, it is crucial to also stick to a rigid diet and eat a calorie deficit. It is also necessary to create and abide by an exercise plan that will keep you working hard.

How Does S23 Work?

Similar to other SARMs, S-23 works by targeting and binding to androgen receptors. Due to its selective nature, it can intentionally activate receptors in the bone and muscle inducing the anabolic effects. However, in S-23, the affinity to the androgen receptor is significantly higher. As a result, the anabolic-to-androgenic ratio is comparable to anabolic steroids.


References to clinical trials and human use are for general information and to provide an overview of this chemical. Do not replicate under any circumstances. Anecdotal evidence has not been clinically reviewed.

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