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Testolone (RAD140) – 10mg/60 Capsules


  • Increase Muscle Mass– Anabolic androgenic ratio of 80:1.
  • Improve Strength– High anabolic ratio leads to substantial strength gains.
  • Improve Memory – Effective against androgen-responsive tissue related disease. Making it neuroprotective and helps improve cognitive function.

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What is Testolone?

Testolone, chemical name RAD140, is an investigative drug currently being developed by Radius Health. Radius Health, the pharmaceutical company spearheading development of RAD140 is researching it for viable therapeutic applications. In spite of being relatively new to the world of SARMs, RAD140 is becoming the centrepiece of the SARM world.  Like other SARMs, RAD-140 has the capability to induce anabolic effects by binding to the androgen receptors. It’s high oral bioavailability allows it to induce strong reactions, similar to that of steroids. Consequently, Testolone is the premier SARM to gain pure muscle and raw strength. 

Benefits Of Testolone

RAD140 stimulates the growth of muscle mass and strengthen existing muscles without negatively impacting the prostate or inflating blood pressure. RAD140 trials determine that the chemical shares the positive characteristics of steroids while negating the side-effects. Testolone displayed a lack of artificial increases on the transaminase/liver enzyme levels hence found to be safe in terms of its impact on the liver, Moreover, the risk of virilization (a process known to cause gender-imbalances) is non-existent. As a result, both genders, male and female can utilise RAD140. Some of the admirable traits of Testolone include:

  • Increased Performance. RAD140 exerts performance-boosting properties and increases strength. The strength benefits activate as early as 2-3 weeks of use but start to peak around week 4. Users report being able to lift heavier weights and transcending their previous records. RAD140 allows users weightlifters to add heavier weights and transcend their previous limitations.
  • Cardiovascular Improvements. Users have reported increased vascularity. For competitive bodybuilders, this is key for an aesthetic physique. 
  • Weight Gain. RAD140 has bulking properties for athletes who wish to add raw muscle mass. Testolone can add clear, dry muscle mass to the body, allowing bodybuilders to gain lean muscle mass. Based on anecdotal evidence, users report gaining 3 lbs. of dry muscle over an 8-week cycle on average.
  • Energy Boosting. RAD140 is the only SARM that increases energy by stimulating air flow between the muscle mass, enabling bodybuilders to obtain the focus and motivation they need to navigate to heavier weights. Users report experiencing massive spikes in energy after a single cycle of RAD140 use.

Aromatisation of Testosterone

Aromatisation of testosterone occurs when there is a surplus of testosterone within the body. By the law of homeostasis, the body attempts to even out the testosterone by converting the excess testosterone into estrogen. An impressive characteristic of Testolone is that it cannot be converted into estrogen via aromatisation. Oftenly, aromatisation occurs with anabolic steroid injection. This is why many steroid users often develop gynecomastia (development of breasts within males).

Results of Testolone in Trials

Radius Health created Testolone to combat conditions such as muscle wasting and breast cancer in females. One of the rationales behind the development of RAD140 was to minimise the risk associated with testosterone therapy. With age, testosterone declines therefore accelerating damage and disease to androgen-responsive tissues such as the brain. Using testosterone therapy can cause adverse effects such as enlarging the prostate. The very few trials conducted on Testolone yielded positive results. A summary of the findings from the trials are as follows:

  • Prominent RAD140 trial determined that the consumption of Testolone is “safer than testosterone replacement therapy”. It was able to induce responses within the muscle and brain but not reproductive tissues. (Jayaraman et al., 2014).
  • RAD-140 inhibited the growth of AR/ER+ breast cancer in patient-derived xenografts (Yu et al., 2017).
  • Testolone has potent anabolic activity in muscle and bone but a highly attenuated effect in seminal vesicles and prostate (Yu et al., 2017).
  • Shown to have excellent affinity to the androgen receptor with a Ki of 7 nM versus 29 nM for testosterone and 10 nM for DHT (Miller et al., 2011).
  • New human trial phase I is currently pending to evaluate the effectiveness of Testolone against breast cancer (Hamilton et al., 2019).

Dosages of Testolone

Due to its impressive oral bioavailability and affinity to the androgen receptor, Testolone requires little dosage to be effective. Within clinical trials, researchers utilised dosages of 0.01mg/kg, 0.1mg/kg and 1mg/kg. However, during testing, it was discovered that 0.1mg/kg to be 80% as effective as 1mg/kg. Therefore, for a 180lb male, a 8mg dosage would be more than sufficient. Dosing should start at 10mg for 3-4 weeks as this is enough time to evaluate the effects of RAD140. One can increase the dosage to 20mg if it is necessary.

Testolone’s half life is approximately 12-18 hours. As a result, dosages such be split accordingly i.e. 1 morning and 1 night. Like any SARM, benefits can be amplified through stacking with other chemicals. A popular stack is a combination of Ibutamoren and Cardarine. With this stack, muscle building ability increases through improved levels of IGF-1 as a result of Ibutamoren. On the other hand, Cardarine accelerates the fat burning process.

How Does Testolone Work?

Comparable to other SARMs, Testolone is a ligand for the androgen receptor. However, it’s design is such that it targets specifically the androgen receptors within the muscle and bone while avoiding reproductive tissue. As a result, an anabolic response is triggered while negating an androgenic one. Testolone suppresses the production of ESR1 protein, the key component in the production of breast cancer in females. RAD140 suppresses the expansion and reproduction of cancer by blocking the effects which estrogen has on the surrounding tissue. Moreover, the drug prevents the death of brain cells which increase neuro-protective benefits for users.

RAD140 properties block amyloid-beta proteins in the brain nerves; proteins responsible for the creation of building blocks for Alzheimer’s disease. RAD140 increases memory capacity and stimulate brain cell growth. RAD140 prevents cachexia, a type of cancer that causes muscle loss. The drug has the ability to stimulate seminal vesicles which increase sperm count. Testolone could potentially be an effective replacement for testosterone therapy. The medicine is proven to increase a low testosterone count and cure dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, low libido and treating hypogonadism (diminished functional activity of the gonads).


References to clinical trials and human use are for general information and to provide an overview of this chemical. Do not replicate under any circumstances. Anecdotal evidence has not been clinically reviewed.

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